every time we speak we change the world.”

daily practice is an offering for the privilege of being embodiedgina Breedlove

Vibration of Grace™, is my sound healing practice. I am a traditional medicine woman and I channel a being that I call Grace. I began to hear Grace when I was 5 yrs old, as she guided me to use my voice to create safe space inside of my body. I experienced emotional neglect and sexual abuse during my childhood, Grace helped me to nourish and protect my spirit using sound.
A sound healing practice can give us true freedom; dominion over our thoughts,body, sound, words, actions, place.
With Vibration of Grace™, healing through sound, I share practices and rituals gifted by Grace that teach us how to use our voice in service to our personal liberation, and to loving each other forward in community.

There is power in the word, and sound moves things.

Sound is an adaptogen, it moves through your bloodstream to heal and love you forward.
I am a vocalist, composer, author, & sound healer from brooklyn, ny. I began my professional career at 16 yrs old, singing background for the incomparable Goddess, aka Phylis Hyman. I went on to tour with Harry Belafonte as his featured vocalist, worked in regional theater, created the role of “Sarabi”, for the Broadway production of “The Lion King”, worked on 2 Spike Lee joints; “Living Da Dream”. & “Chiraq”, as actor & sound healer on set, & now I tour the world with my music I call folksoul, holding sound healing circles in every city I visit. Concerts are rituals to me, and when we gather to share music & sound, I know that we are opening portals and changing cells.
I am loving forward to
singing & sounding in
your city soon.


Our Saving Grace: the peace, presence & power inside the sound of your voice
is an instructional book of rituals, conjure, practice, and wisdom for daily living. This guide will be available late winter, 2021.

Upcoming Events

sound healing practice for Facing Race/ Race Forward

Nov 10 & 12th  | 10am – 11am et

closing practice for Facing Race/Race Forward

Nov 12th | 3:45 pm et

Heart & Soul Center of Light music ministry

Nov 22nd |  10am pt

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